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Diploma awarded by Universitat de Barcelona

  • Level: Master
  • Modality: On-Site
  • Duration: 60 Credits, designed following the ECTS guidelines (European Credit Transfer System)
  • Degree: University of Barcelona
  • Edition: 14th
  • Price: 4.990 €


This Master degree teaches professionals in the environmental field, in the specialty of education and governance for sustainability, based on knowledge of resources and equipment in environmental education, communication as a basic element for environmental awareness and knowledge of techniques and strategies that facilitate citizen participation as a catalyst for social change.

Learning Objectives

  • To acquire a global perspective on the main vectors that define the environment and determine the sustainability of the way in which it is used: ecology, sound, water, waste, atmosphere and soil.
  • To know the different scenarios where educational tasks related to environment can take place.
  • To acquire the training to design and carry out environmental education programmes and projects now and in the future.
  • To acquire the tools to assess environmental education programmes and projects.
  • To gain professional knowledge of communication techniques to ensure that messages related to environmental issues are transmitted correctly.
  • To acquire the skills needed to create and implement environmental communication plans and campaigns.
  • To learn to define the necessary strategies to foster social commitment to sustainability and solidarity through civic participation.
  • To learn the different techniques and tools to mediate in and resolve environmental conflicts.
  • To gain the knowledge required to reflect on current reality in a plural, objective way through the use of theoretical and practical resources.

Qualification awarded

Master in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, SPECIALIZATION IN ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AND GOVERNANCE FOR SUSTAINABILITY (University of Barcelona specific Master Degree*), awarded by Universitat de Barcelona.

* UB-specific master’s degrees and postgraduate courses are programmes that provide specialized and advanced knowledge. They are mainly focused on ensuring that the skills and competences acquired in previous studies can be applied to professional work and enable students to specialize or to refocus their professional activity.

The University of Barcelona offers UB-specific master's degrees and postgraduate courses as provided for in Article 34.1 of Organic Law 4/2007 on universities. These courses do not carry the official status of university master's degrees, backed by the Ministry of Education, specified in Article 34.2 of the same Law.

Ttitulación de UB


  1. Waste Vector
    1. Municipal waste.
    2. Industrial waste.
  2. Water Vector
  3. Atmosphere Vector
  4. Noise Vector
  5. Ecology and Soil Pollution
  6. Environmental Education. Concepts, Resources and Equipment
  7. Communication for sustainability
  8. Citizen participation for sustainability
  9. Analysis of master theoretical and practical environmental aspects
  10. Master's final project

Recommended applicant profiles and admission requirements

Holders of university degrees, diplomas and engineering degrees and diplomas interested in developing a professional career in environmental communication and / or education.


  • Classes begin: October 21, 2019
  • From Monday to Thursday and some Fridays from 5pm to 8pm.
    Enrolment ends on September 16, 2019


60 Credits* in 1 academic year

* Designed following the ECTS guidelines (European Credit Transfer System)


The course applies the fundamentals of environmental education in the teaching practice itself. It is a pedagogical model that favors the reflection and the active participation of the student in the treatment of the contents of the course, and in which the own group of students is trained and empowers in the learning process.

The applied character of the course is reinforced with practical cases and visits to protected natural areas, environmental education facilities, resource centers and active participatory processes. A stay will also be held at the Educational Innovation Center of the Montseny Park.

The groups are of a maximum of 15 students, to allow an optimal learning, and an active participation of the student, and the adaptation of the teaching to the characteristics of the group. Throughout the course, the student will have a individualized tutoring to follow the progress of learning.

Thanks to agreements signed between IUSC and several companies, environmental entities, the student may have the possibility of internship during the course.

Once registered and as support material, students can register and access the virtual campus, where they can access online content and participate in debates and virtual forums directed on topics related to the course.


  • Jaume Albaigés – TecnolONGia
  • Esther Anaya – Imperial College London
  • Anton Aymemí – comunicación para la sostenibilidad
  • Xavier Basora – Espai TReS · Territorio y Responsabilidad Social
  • Elena Boadas – Fundació CRAM
  • Antonio Capella – Ernst & Young
  • Carola Castellà – Diputació de Barcelona
  • Anna Estella – Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Margarida Feliu – Viladrau Educació
  • Teresa Franquesa – Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Júlia Garcia – Fundació Catalana de l’Esplai
  • Jesús Granados – Universidad de Glasgow
  • Esther Hierro – Marinva
  • Jesus Iglesias – Greenbiz
  • Javier Martín Vide – Universidad de Barcelona
  • Isabel Mullins – Ingeniería agrónoma y educación ambiental
  • Óscar Muñoz – La Vanguardia
  • Marc Parés – IGOP. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
  • Paula Pérez – Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Jordi Pietx – Emprenedor social Ashoka
  • Daniel Pons – Genera. Consensus for Responsible Development
  • Jordi Romero-Lengua - Espai TReS · Territorio y Responsabilidad Social
  • Albert Soler – LA TAULA
  • Laia Torras – Ajuntament de Barcelona


4.990 Euros.

Nota Administration (non-academic) fee 300,00 €
70 € from the administrative fee will be paid by IUSC to University of Barcelona in behalf of the student as administrative fee of University of Barcelona.

Candidates applying for enrolment must pay the not refundable administrative fee and send their academic information (university transcript and diploma or university’s certificate of having earned a diploma). Once declared eligible for enrolment in the programme, the academic fee must be paid in full in order to receive the admission letter. The academic fee will be fully refund in case of student visa rejection or course cancellation. All payments must be done in euros.

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